Similar to many other companies where remote work is possible, BetterDoc also decided to let their employees stay at home and work from there.

For many of us who are not working regulary from home this is a totally new challenge, even for those who work from home at times. It is scientifically proven that employees working from home often work more than the 40 hours a week. This can have a bigimpact on you as an employee, for instance depression, burnout and long-term reduced productivity.

To overcome this we have a few tipps to stay physically and mentally healthy in times of Covid-19.

Tip #1

Go outside
Even though you might be afraid of the pandemia and to get infected you should go outside. You don’t have to socialise in person, however you should go outside for a walk. Get yourself some fresh air. It will not only help you to stay physically fit but also to let the wind sweep your mind.

Tip #2

Have a lunch break
Have a distinguished lunch break. Don’t do both: work and eat. Lock your computer and get yourself a lunch break, just as you would while working from your companie’s office. If you have family or flatmates who also work from home, eat together with them then you get yourself a little social treat as well. If you live alone than enjoy yourself. Watch a short episode of your favorite show or a few YouTube videos. Or maybe a colleague or more want to join you and you all can have a video chat while eating lunch. If you decice for the latter one, ensure that you do not eat and take your break in the same spot, you work in.

Tip #3

Define a strict end of working day
Be strict about the end of your working day. When you finished your working hours per day then shut down your computer and all other devices which are work related. Turn them on again on the next working day. This will prevent you working all day even in the late evening hours and will keep you from reading emails late in the evening, hence helping you with a clear separation of work and free time.

Tip #4

Integrate a habit to end your workday with
It is hard to mentally end your working day, but still very important to start relaxing. You shut down your computer and maybe just move to your couch to start your free time, if at all. To stop thinking about work you should integrate an end of working day habit. It can be a “walk to home”, just go outside for a wee walk (which would fulfill tip #1). Or do other things like meditation of ten minutes, reading a good book, making yourself a tea and being very mindful about it. It can be whatever you like but use it as a ritual for your end of working day and to calm down your mind. This will help you with tip #4.

Tip #5

Seperate your work space
You should separate your workspace from your free time. Have a dedicated working place, avoid working from a spot that you casually relax in. This will mix up free time and working time. If you don’t have enough space in your flat and you only have one desk to work on you should maybe switch perspective or change a bit of your surroundings. For example move frome the one side of your table to the other one when switching to free time mode. Be a bit creative. Anyhow this might also helps you to end your working day mentally.

Tip #6

End of commuting time
Now that you work from home you don’t have to commute to the office anymore. Depending on where you live you gain a lot of extra free time. Use it! You could start new things you never had time for before because you spend two hours a day to commute to your office and back home. Even if its not two hours but rather half an hour a day. Fair enough! It’s still extra time on your free time budget. Use it to create new things. Pick up an instrument, start reading the book you always wanted, start painting, do wood work, etc. There are plenty of things you can do. Being creative also helps you to overcome a potential depression caused by social isolation.

Hopefully these tips will help you in these crazy times. And remember your family and friends are just a phone call away. Stay healthy!