There was a lot of discussion about how many interviews a candidate must go through to get hired.

This post describes the four hiring steps we have in place.

Steps in our hiring process

For you as a candidate, it depends a little on the channel we got in touch with you who you’ll be talking to. When we approach you on LinkedIn, you will have a first interview with someone from our HR department. If you approach us via email or StackOverflow, your first interview will be a combination of what is listed here. Also, vacations, projects and life in general may skew the planned interview flow a little. So please: Don’t be irritated if your experience does not 100% match what is written here.

Initial interview

We want to know you a little better, and we talk about BetterDoc in general. As said before, it depends a little on the way we got in touch with each other if this gets “merged” into the next interview.

Technical Interview

We talk about how the PD department work, what we value in technology and what tech stack we are currently using. You can explain what you like and dislike, where your focus is, what you find essential about programming… a little nerd talk that (hopefully) does not hurt.

Code challenge

In this step we ask you to do a coding excercise for us - we expect you to not spend more than eight hours on it, and we give you a longer period of time to deliver this, so that should be fine to do it in your free time.

Result review

You will get to meet some people from the team, demoing your solution for the challenge and talking with future teammates.

Meet the team

You will join one of our demos to get an impression of what we do, most often you’ll join our innovation Friday meetings where people talk about their Friday projects.


This means we have a three to four-step process in place, with feedback after each step.

Seems good? See our Company page on Stack Overflow and apply – or drop us a line at pirates(at)