As a leading e-health startup in Germany with over 50 employees, BetterDoc finds the right physicians for patients.

To do so, we are building a domain model that enables us to represent and store quality data related to health, and use that to make well-based recommendations for the right physician. Join our product team and help us build and evolve our platform that both internal teams and our external customers use. Currently our service is valued by more than 10,000 happy patients per year.

Our mission

BetterDoc is on a mission to always find the right doctors for patients with serious health issues. At the moment, our service is mainly provided by real medical staff like physicians and scientific researchers. They tap into our extensive physicians database and recommend specialists, based on the patient’s health issue and intent. Now we are starting to write machines to do parts of our service. Of course, medical staff is here to stay, solve complex cases, train our machines and assure quality. Think of it as a healthy human-machine symbiosis.

Our challenge

To have a deep insight into the problems we solve for researchers, members of our call center team and other teams such as physician data administration, we organise a workshop with all stakeholders at the start of an iteration.

You will take part of these workshops with the complete team and grow ideas on how to produce a solution that fits the purpose and at the same time keeps our platform healthy. Our team consists of passionate and experienced developers that love to create solutions that fit.

How we work

All developers are able to work on different parts of our stack, both in the frontend and the backend, with various focus areas.

We value curiosity and learning - to support this, we give you a team-wide place to experiment and learn 20% of the time you are here. You can invest this time to visit a conference, contribute to open source software or start your own open source project.

We are proud to trust our people instead of controlling them. Our team organises itself and reflects on how to improve our working mode.

Other plus points:

  • latest state of the art hardware
  • a membership in our patient’s club (so that you can use our service for free!)
  • flexible working time
  • an organisation built on trust instead of control

What we look for:

  • passionate technicians that are proud of what they build
  • a high level of self-motivation
  • the will to learn and share knowledge
  • ability to leave the comfort zone of known technologies

Our technical stack

We believe in using the right technology for a problem. Currently, we have a stack based on Ruby on Rails with a UI layer built mainly with React, but we plan to check other technology stacks in the next months, e.g. we are considering Elixir as one of our future microservices languages. So we need people open for change.

You should be able to work with or learn quickly to work with the following technologies:

  • Web based UI technologies (HTML/Javascript/CSS)
  • Ruby (most of the time on Rails), expanding to other languages
  • Elixir (sometimes combined with Phoenix and Ecto)
  • SQL Databases
  • Testing
  • Version control systems


You are expected to communicate with internal team members in German, both spoken and written.

Also, we are expecting you to be able to speak English well enough to be able to take part in discussions and communicate with colleagues in-house, as the team-internal language of the product development team is English – obviously, you will need to be able to write documentation in English.

You are expected to:

  • Write code
  • Review code written by other team members
  • Make sure systems are securely written and communicate potential problems to team leads
  • Help other team members when they are stuck or need technical guidance
  • Come up with new ideas and involve the team when following them
  • Plan on system level by helping to work out details of Epics
  • Proactively communicate risks to the team leaders
  • Manage the implementation on functionality level
  • Help team members with 20% time projects by helping to define reachable goals
  • Encourage other team members to follow new ideas and communicate insights

On the other hand, there are some things we do not consider being the core of a Senior Developers job:

  • NOT travel, give up your life, see your children on Facetime only
  • NOT plan team size and holidays
  • NOT training of new senior developers
  • NOT managing growth paths for team members

We are still a small team and open for people to shape culture, work style and technology choice. Sounds fun? Join us!

To apply for this job please send your resume/CV and cover letter to We will come back to you soon!

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